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Keen to harness benefits of artificial intelligence for all Saudi Arabia establishes new partnership with World Bank Group

Riyadh, October 2020: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, represented by the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA), launched a new partnership with the World Bank as part of the country’s joint efforts with the international financial institution to strengthen local economies in developing countries, enabling them to accelerate the development of artificial intelligence technologies and catalyze economic growth while managing the risks associated with the use of AI. The partnership was announced on the first day of the Global AI Summit, which is being held virtually under the theme "AI for the Good of Humanity" from 21-22 October.

His Excellency Dr. Esam bin Abdullah Alwagait, Director of the National Information Center (NIC), highlighted that the partnership was directly aimed at achieving the goals of the Kingdom's Vision 2030 by unleashing the nation’s capabilities for the betterment of developing nations. He also pointed out that the strategic agreement between Saudi Arabia and the World Bank Group will help finance, stimulate, and accelerate the development and adoption of artificial intelligence technologies to serve people and development initially in Africa and globally at a later stage. The partnership entails the rollout of initiatives to improve the readiness of artificial intelligence in developing countries and scale the adoption and use of responsible AI for development.

In addition to the many benefits that it will bring to recipient countries, the initiative is also set to strengthen Saudi Arabia's role as a key contributor in supporting developing countries, assisting in their efforts focused on artificial intelligence at a regional and international level thanks to its strong cooperation with nations that promote responsible artificial intelligence.